Costa Rica's angels wear rubber boots

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Despite all the misery and losses which the extreme weather has brought upon many people in Costa Rica in recent weeks, the locals have shown to be an inspiration and example to all of us. The solidarity in this country is very moving. The kindness and the ability to share even if you have almost nothing yourself, is an extraordinary virtue which I have cherished when living there and which has been brought into the spotlight at a time that many would have acted differently.

Following up on our blog of last week, we like to show what has happened meanwhile. In fact, it all started when amazing ladies like Maria and Monica joined forces, put on rubber boots and organized aid for people in remote and affected areas. They were able to distribute basic goods long before organizations were organized.

More heavy rains arrived. A local supermarket started to double every donation, so food for 12 people became food for 24 persons, giving the donations double value!

We saw a boy in Sixaola getting across deep brown water in a broken fridge which he used as a boat, women with naked kids and babies received clothes donated by locals, drinking water was distributed, people received rice, beans, pampers and milk.

On Sunday, everybody came to help: the personnel of the supermarket, Dr. veterinarian Solano, people with 4x4’s, volunteers.. They drove to the families in remote area’s all day and provided them with basic goods. A big donation of animal food and the presence of the vet, allowed to also take care of the farm animals, dogs and cats.

So much good was done this week that in fact a terrible situation became a very heart-warming one to many people, not only to the ones that received help but also to the once helping out and donating.  You can find several pictures on our FB page if you like.

I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude to everyone who has already donated and helped out. You all put a smile on so many faces!

Personally, I will keep following the situation and I would like to encourage even more people to donate. Some areas are only becoming accessible now and families who have lost their house, plantation and everything they had, have a long way to go to get back to normal life. All donations are managed by Maria who knows which supplies are needed most. In everyday life she takes care of injured and abandoned dogs. Being used to working with donations and limited budgets, she can do magic with just a few euros.

Maria hands a bag with rubber boots to a man without shoes

As a travel agent I usually post pretty pictures of Costa Rica. In my very first blog post I promised to always show the good and the bad. So I decided to share what is going on right now in certain regions and to support the people that are eager to help.

You can also make a difference by donating on one of the following accounts:

Iris Bastiaens

BE16 0012 9784 8074 – BIC: GEBABEBB

Maria Planes Mestres

ES12 1465 0100 9217 2098 3368 – BIC: INGDESMM


Please be so kind as to send us a message at when donating as we try to convert the money as fast as possible in necessary goods. It facilitates the follow up.

Help them keep going out to help


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