YŪGEN is about discovering, exploring, living to the fullest, having fun, meeting nice people all over the world and creating special moments. YŪGEN tours offers accessible, adventurous travel and encourages you to travel to those places you always wanted to see and do the things you always wanted to do.

Traveling is as much about people, other cultures, languages, habits, food as it is about the destination itself. Go discover the world, and become friends with it. Any person of any nationality is welcome to book an adventure through YŪGEN tours. 

YŪGEN is passionate about her work and guarantees a personal service. She will only offer the destination after she has checked it out herself first and only if she was delighted with what she saw and experienced.  Authentic, special partners and destinations are being selected and shared with you in order to make you smile.

YŪGEN firmly believes that traveling opens your mind, gives you self-esteem, new friends and visions, increases your happiness and provides you many more things that money can’t buy.

YŪGEN’s core mission is to see you smile.


We are certified and professional:

YŪGEN tours is a member of VVR, the Flemish Society of Travel Agents in Belgium, which is also an active member of UFTAA, the United Federation of Travel Agents Associations. By this membership VVR represents us on an international level. Our membership number is 9669.

YŪGEN tours is also insured, through VVR, at Amlin Insurance for Professional Liability and against Financial Deficiency.