Behind the scenes of our Leopard Safari

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Yes I did it and I loved it! Last year I went to test our Leopard Safari in Botswana. This camping trip took me and my fellow travellers from the dry Central Kalahari Game Reserve to the magical Okavango Delta, through Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park, to finally stand face to face with the Thunderous Victoria Falls, one of the seven Natural Wonders of the world.

Eddie, our guide and K.P., our camp assistant surprised me with their professionalism, joy and epic humour. While we flew over the Okavango Delta, we admired miniature elephants and giraffes from the air. Back on the ground, we took a mokoro (wooden dugout canoe) and set up camp deep in the delta, where we encountered elephants and buffalo on foot.

KP & Eddie in a mokoro on the Okavango Delta

The sunsets were absolutely stunning. In the evening we gathered around the camp fire and Eddie told us all kinds of experiences he had encountered in his years of guiding small groups through the wilderness. The local boat men sang typical songs and danced an awkward frog dance during which no-one could keep a straight face.

Lunch on the way while observing elephants in the distance

In Moremi game reserve we camped wild and undertook several game drives. Then we crossed the Savuti and followed the banks of Chobe river. The logistics were great and my fear for sleeping in a tent for three weeks was unfounded. The mattresses, sleeping bags, liner and pillow were comfortable, the tents easy to set up and break up. KP’s food was remarkably delicious and Eddie turned out to be a very skillful driver.

Eddie, KP and the local guides have taught me so much in such a fun way, not only about the animals but also about the importance of what they leave behind.

Weeks flew by and so suddenly we were standing at the Victoria Falls. The last night was spent in the comfort of a lodge. During the whole trip we saw more wildlife than I had expected and even knew existed. I made new friends from all over the world.

From left to right: my first safari customers Sarah, Saskia, Brad and me.

Most pictures on my website have been taken by myself and by these happy customers. Some have been provided by my local partner. None have been bought. They truly represent my experience and the reasons why I have decided to offer this memorable tours of a lifetime.  When our new friend, Brad, wanted to take a picture of the three Belgians, a hippo came wandering out of the bushes and he ended up taking just 2,5 Belgian. It is a lousy quality picture but makes a memory none of us will ever forget.

Saskia, who normally likes to travel by herself and would not easily go on an organized trip, sent me this beautiful review :

In November last year I decided to try my first real guided holiday…One has to try different things in life..Though I got used to traveling solo and I was afraid to feel like a trapped butterfly, I have to honestly admit I would have not seen what I saw, learned what I have learned and gotten to know Botswana the way I now did.  YŪGEN tours has certainly found a great local partner that knows what Botswana is all about. The excitement of camping in the middle of the Kalahari, the Okavango Delta, Chobe…Experiencing the animals in their kingdom (even if I admit I was afraid to leave my tent at night), is something you have to experience in person as it cannot be described in words. And the food..Oh the food..;Don’t go to Botswana with YŪGEN tours thinking you will lose weight. I can probably continue and write a book but let the details be a surprise to everyone that is eager to book this trip.

About the delicious food we already wrote a blog, entitled What will I eat on a camping safari. If you would like to learn more about our different camping safari’s, visit or contact for any inquiry you may have.

Sunset at the Okavango Delta


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