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YŪGEN tours is currently running a contest in Belgium and in The Netherlands, called WIN & CHILL. The price is a fantastic hammock and tree friendly straps of the brand Ticket to the Moon, so it can be put up wherever there are trees. We have teamed up with ROB's Rum'n Roll mobile rum cocktail bar and are handing out ecological napkins at several events near Antwerp. Nice detail is that YŪGEN met the Belgian bartenders of ROB's Rum'n Roll in Costa Rica when volunteering at the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo de Limon!

Keeping Belgium fresh in hot days is a hand full and means this week we are not able to write a very serious blog post. But do feel free to enjoy some images of the fun:

Papa Mojito brought his turntable and LP's, by bike! He played great music during the Day of the Park and stopped by to drink... a Mojito of course!

Have you ever tried Belgian rum? World's End...Fine Belgian rum.

YŪGEN tours offered free ecological napkins which are made in Bali, Indonesia to the customers of ROB's Rum'n Roll and everyone could scan a barcode, leading to the Win & Chill contest page.

Bamboo cup No drama Llama

YŪGEN enjoyed a drink called Fair Fernando, a delicious fair trade mocktail, and presented the napkins in a re-usable bamboo cup, dishwasher safe. These ecological cups are available with different designs.

The bartenders of ROBSRUMNROLL tested the strength of this single hammock.

The hammock is a perfect alternative to a tent. It comes in a small but beautiful bag and only ways 500 grams. So it can be tucked away easily in your backpack.

A matching mosquito net and rain cover are also available.

YŪGEN tours will be running this contest online as well but only in Belgium and Holland for now. Over the next weeks we will still be present at several events. Nevertheless, we will make sure to post a nice and interesting blog again next week.

So, stay tuned, enjoy life and share your smile!

Time flies!

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