Tourism: Essential or not?

Sun, 02/14/2021 - 10:37 - 

Tourism is so much more than having a wonderful time in an amazing scenery. It is also a, or often the only, source of income to others, a way out of poverty...Simply selling a fresh coconut for half a euro to thirsty, traveling souls, can be a way to buy food, to give their kids a better future, to... so many things I could write a 1000 blogs about.

To us, travel can be a way to learn about other cultures, develop new insights, mutual respect, better understanding...several important elements which contribute to peace on earth. 

Entrance fees for National Parks are necessary means to be able to protect jungles, wildlife, rainforests, ecosystems,...which many like to visit and which play a vital role on our planet, to all of us. By traveling and visiting you do not only provide money but also an extra reason for locals to protect and take care of their fauna and flora ( in stead of killing it for food or profit). 

Often tourism is considered as non-essential. But by who? whom?

Every responsible tourism organization will be able to show and tell you stories about how tourism is essential in the lives of many, to the world economics, ecology, social and ethical behavior, human rights and yes, politics. Tourism is considered non-essential, by those for who it is not really essential. There is a tremendous amount of people in the world to whom it is extremely essential and, they are missing you!

Personally, I have always found it terrifying that the same words can mean completely different things, depending on who is talking. Luckily, traveling can make us see, understand and consider things from different perspectives. This enhances our relationships. 

So, this Valentine's day my love goes out to all the local people everywhere, to the ones who lovingly smiled at me for no specific reason, the ones who guided me in the right direction, who taught me about the true value of nature, about helping others even without expecting something in return, about all those which have made my travels warm, joyful and meaningful: thank you so much for spreading your love and sharing your smiles. I truly hope you will be able to welcome people again in the near future and that you are surviving the days without travelers. 


Huge hugs,



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