NEW tour in Alentejo, Portugal

Sat, 06/13/2020 - 19:56 - 

Great news! We are expanding our offer to the vast and mesmerizing region of Alentejo in the Southern half of Portugal. Knowledgeable and kind locals look forward to receive you in their home region. From impressive fortified towns, white villages where time stood still, endless plains of olive groves and oak trees all the way to the beautiful cliffs, bays and beaches at the coast, where sleepy fishermen's villages are tucked away as well as some of the best hiking trails, there is so much to see and do in this unique region. Find out all about it in our new example itinerary:

Alentejo hike & drive :

As you probably already know, we love to create new itineraries, according to your interests and preferences. In order to help us understand what your holiday should be like, we have designed the YŪGEN compass, which guides you along several pictures and options and gives you an idea of posibilities. Let yourself be inspired! We look forward to create your perfect holiday.


What about Covid19? In these strange travel times, the remote location of Alentejo is absolutely perfect. With its 31 550 km2, it has the size of Belgium but only around 750 000 inhabitants in stead of 11 million. You can drive around for hours or even days without meeting anyone if you don’t want to. In the whole region, currently less than 300 Covid19 cases have been established. 5 % of the population has been tested, mainly among the people staying and working in senior residences, hospitals, pre-schools and so on. Currently only 1 person has died due to the virus in this region.

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