Happy, magical holidays!

Wed, 12/23/2020 - 17:40 - 

2020 is a year many would prefer to erase. Yet, as always there have been silver linings. Nature around the corner being re-discovered and re-valued certainly was one of them. In fact, 2020 was much more magical than it seems at first sight. Let me tell you a Christmas story to explain what I mean:

Once upon a time, I traveled the whole year, being away from friends and family, always on the go. During that time, I met so many people who were very happy without having cars, toys, high heals, candy, money for restaurant meals, video games…And all I really wanted was to have what they had, that free inner happiness, which did not seem to depend on any materialistic item.

2020 forced us to stand still and look at our lives, who we are, what we have become, who and what we love and who and what we miss during lockdown times. Often, we do not fully realize what we have, until it is gone.

This one Christmas day I found myself on Utila island, Honduras, where I had planned to get my rescue divers degree. But upon landing my ear drum was ruptured, making it impossible to dive, nor to fly and leave. So I stayed for a whole month, visiting doctor John with no T-shirt on, the only doctor on the island. I did not understand why I received an injection in my behind, nor was I surprised that this did not cure my ear. However, it was during those lonely weeks in which I was forced to do nothing, that I wrote down my initial ideas and vision which finally led to founding YŪGEN tours.

In many ways 2020 and this holiday season remind me of the time I got stuck on the island, how first I felt sorry for myself as all went wrong but eventually it turned out to be the year in which I decided to share my quest for happiness, offer memorable experiences and actually pursue my dreams.

It was also on that Christmas day on Utila island, while I wondered how friends and family would be spending the day together at home, that I watched some kids make sandmen on the beach. You should have seen their proud faces when I asked if I could take a photograph of their creations. They had no idea that they were my silver lining that day, nor that they taught me a valuable lesson: if there is no snow, no presents, no big meal, no friends or family, no…. on Christmas day ( or any other day), then build a snowman out of sand and be the happiest person in the world!

2020 has given us all several lessons, from humility to resilience. No matter how 2021 will turn out, always be willing to spot the silver linings, to adapt your dreams, overcome obstacles and share your smile ( or twinkling eyes when wearing a mask).

Merry Christmas!

May 2021 bring hope, health, new beginnings, happiness, freedom and many special journeys. Here is to all of you: happy, magical holidays!





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