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Wed, 08/22/2018 - 10:00 - 

In only a few days from now YŪGEN will return to Costa Rica, ready for another 6-week investigation trip in this beautiful country! Even though I already have been there several times, Costa Rica still never ceases to amaze me!  Aside from verifying the quality of several activities and accommodations which are already on our website, we will also be testing some new hidden gems. 

When? From 24th of August until 5th of October.

What will we do? We have lots of activities planned, such as visiting volcanoes and hot springs, hiking, rafting, spotting wildlife, snorkelling, taste really fresh chocolate and coffee at the farms, foodie tour, biking along tropical plantations, searching for the illustrious Quetzal, staying at a Bribri indigenous community, observe whales and dolphins, canopy, meeting the Quackers from Alabama, make a night walk in the jungle, tubing, relaxing in mud pools surrounded by cowboys in the Costa Rican Far West…to name a few. And as always, there will also be these interesting, unplanned experiences! 

Who is going and where are we going?

Me, Iris, founder of YŪGEN tours and superfan of Costa Rica. I will be counting on Sarah’s objective judgment. She will accompany me during the first weeks. In fact, Sarah was one of the first YŪGEN travellers who went on the Leopard Safari in Botswana last year. Since I already lost my heart to Costa Rica a long time ago, I am more than happy to show her why. After 3 weeks when she returns home, my local partner will show me some new discoveries around the Poas Volcano area.

After that, it is time for the most unpredictable but also very exciting part. For the first time I will be travelling with my sister. It will be her first journey outside of Europe, with a backpack and no kids. So nothing like her normal way of travelling. This will be a nice challenge and also an opportunity for YŪGEN because I am convinced that we are able to provide interesting travels, offering extra value for every type of traveller and I strongly believe that coming a little bit out of your comfort zone creates memories that will linger long after you get back. So, I will be putting this statement to the test.

We may be temporarily a little bit slower in responding to e-mails during our travels but we believe quality goes before quantity. Only by spending enough time at a destination do you really get to experience the country, do you stay-up-to-date, learn about the quality of existing and new lodges and activities and can you nourish the bond with those unique local partners. That is why we want to invest in these elaborate working trips. 

YŪGEN does not have office hours. We respond as soon as we can, also in the weekend, evenings or on festive days. We work 7/7.

Until October 5th you can also follow us behind the scenes on FB and Instagram as we will be posting pictures of our experiences. Blogs and newsletters are put on hold until end of October.

If you like to meet us in person and hear our stories first hand, visit us at the Verre Reizen Event on October 13th and 14th in Antwerp, Belgium. My Costa Rican partner and I will be there to help you create your personal adventure.

Stay tuned!


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